Tagmo Apk [Latest 2.7.0] Free Download For Android & iOS

A Quick Guide on Tagmo Apk (Latest 2.7.0) Free Download For Android & iOS

Tagmo Apk

What is Tagmo Apk?

Andriod and iOS both are excellent operating systems. We are now familiar with both types. And they try to make using our life easier. The use of mobile phones has become more effortless, smooth, and comfortable.

Thanks to different types of applications. Also the gaming consoles and software. Especially the Tagmo Apk.

Wondering? Yes, you could wonder. But the reality is different. Without the Tagmo Apk, it is hard to play Nintendo games and run other relevant applications.

The Tagmo Apk is mostly used in the Android operating system. The users can get a wide variety of apps and games through this app while using the Nintendo console.

Experts say that this app is basically an NFC writing tool. So, you can write the numbers of NTAG215 NFC tags. And can get many games for free of cost through your Android device for the Nintendo console. Indeed, this is an economic way to get exciting and thrilling games to your device.

Downloading the Tagmo Apk is not a big deal. In this post, you will get comprehensive ideas. Also, I will share much more interesting information. So, let’s start diving into the deep of this Apk.

Are you ready?

Features of Tagmo Apk

tagmo apk size

It is imperative to know the features of the Tagmo Apk. Though this is a complex matter, I have simplified it. Check the texts below. And hopefully, they will inject the right ideas.

A Tool With Simplicity

The first and foremost issue is that Tagmo Apk is a simple tool. Anyone without any deep knowledge can use it. It is easier to access and apply the instructions. So, if you never use it before, you can use it like an expert.

Few Security Barriers

Further, some tools and apps require security measures. You need to provide security credentials, authorization, and many more. But with the Tamgo Apk, there are no such issues at all. To access the app, you need no security measures at all.

Fewer Properties

Moreover, the app consumes less space. You do not need a huge space on your mobile phone. Instead, it will require a little space. Because it is a simple application.

An NFC Writing Tool

At the same time, you can use this Apk as a writing tool. To make it clearer, you cannot write using this too. In fact, this not like the usual writing of texts or others. Instead, you can write to get games and other applications.

Also, you can get ammo for your gaming use.  And, there are no security issues at all.

How to Download TagMo on Your Android Device?

It is an important issue to know in detail. Remember, this is a very special type of app. And not open for everyone. You will not be able to find it on the Google Play store. Why? Because the file is not available publicly.

android apk

Rather, you need to download the .apk file first. Then, you have to install it. For the installation, you are to use a generic APK installer. Interestingly, you will find the installer on the Google Play Store.

android apk

After downloading the installer, you are to start the installation process.

android apk

However, you need no worry about the security of your phone. Though this is an external application, it causes no harm to your device.

How to Install Tagmo Apk on Android?

Now, you know how to download the Tagmo Apk on your android device. But the installation?

Well, that is simple too. You need to follow a couple of steps to install the file. Once you have downloaded the file, you need to go to the settings of your phone.

Usually, you cannot install all the apps and programs on your android phone set. You will need special permission from the phone itself.

So, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to Settings

To obtain permission, you need to go to the Settings of your phone. From the Settings, you have to go to the Security Settings. There, you will find an option titled Unknown Sources.

tagmo apk install

You have to enable the option. Otherwise, it would not be possible to install unknown applications.

Step 2

Install the app

Now, click on the File Manager menu. From there, go to the My Documents options. Then, move to Downloads and then Tagmo.

tagmo apk install

Click on the Tagmo for installation. It will start the installation process. Launch the app once it is installed.

tagmo apk install

Now you can install it like the other applications.

How to Use TagMo for Android to Backup Your Amiibo?

To play the Nintendo NFC figures, you will need certain accessories. And you cannot get them all at a time. You have to gradually collect them and save them for future use. Moreover, unless you have the stored data, you cannot enjoy the features. Therefore, it is a must to have some backups.

Fortunately, you can use Tagmo to have the Amiibo backup. The app can help you get the backup in both iOS and Android. As this post particularly deals with the Android system, you will get the process of backing up in android.

Interestingly, if your phone has NFC capabilities, it would be able to read Amibo data. Also, it can keep a backup. And experts term this as the very first step to copy an amiibo figure.

The steps

Get files

Before the backup or copying process, you need to get two files. The files are:

  • unfixed-info.bin
  • locked-secret.bin

Without the files, it is nearly impossible to decrypt amiibo data. They help to decrypt the other files. And ultimately, you can enjoy the backup benefits.

Launch Tagmo

Now, you have to launch the Tagmo app. Next, tap on the section named Import Keys. Are you looking for the option? Check on the top part of the menu. The option is located there. Then, select the folder where the two other files are located.

After that, the encryption keys will be installed. Once the encryption keys are installed, you can go to the normal screen to start backing up the amiibo.

Backing up Amiibo Data on TagMo:

Your backup will start. Then, you have to select the Scan Tag. This option will scan information from the NFC reader. Now, hold your amiibo base near the phone for scanning. Particularly near the NFC reader.

The successful completion of the scanning will inform you the process is complete. And you will see information on the screen.

Now, you have to use Save Tag for the amiiboo data backup. Amiibo has been saved to your phone and ready for copying.

What is TagMo Amiibo?

I hope you are now aware of the Tagmo. And Amiibo is the figure you get in Nintendo. So, it would not be difficult to get the inner meaning.

Tagmo app from Android allows you to clone Amiibos. You can use the Tagmo app to clone the characters. Using the NTAG215 NFC tags, the process is easier.

You can write dump files. Interestingly, the devices will not suspect that they are clones. Instead, you can carry on your game with the Amiibos and they will have the same function. There would be no issues of legitimacy.

Saving tag data in a file is the best way. Later, you can restore the data while using the Amiibos. However, the Amiibos need to be the same and in the same game series. Otherwise, the Amiibos may not have the desired impact.

How to Use Tagmo?

In order to use Tagmo, you have to install it on your phone. You can install it on your android or even on iPhone. Accordingly, the processes are dissimilar.

How to Use Tagmo

You can download the app following the method mentioned above.

To use Tagmo, you have to follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to Settings

The first thing is to you have to visit the Settings of your Tagmo. If you cannot find the settings menu, check the gear icon. It is located in the top right corner of the app.

Step 2

Load files

In the second stage, you have to load the files. Usually, the files are stored in the Downloads folder. But if you save them in any other place, you have to locate the place on your phone.

Tap on the files to load them on Tagmo. They will be added to your Tagmo. Then, you can scan amiibo. Saving the amiibo would not be a challenging job any more.

How to Make Amiibo Coins?

When you need it, you may not have the Amiibo coins around. This is not an expensive thing, actually. But it is rare. So, whenever you need it, you may not get it right at that moment. Thus, it is the best idea that you can make some Amiibo coins.

This is a brief DIY guide for this purpose.

Here, you will get the ideas to make coins for your favorite characters. And printing them in 3D will help you out.

Things you will need

  • 3D printing software
  • 215 NTAG stickers
  • Superglue
  • Photoshop software
  • Illustrator software
  • Android with NFC writing capacity
  • Tagmo app
  • Paint

The method

To make the Amiibo coins, you will need to follow the steps below. However, you need to remain careful in every step. Or, there are chances that you will damage the coins. And finally, they would be of no use. Your investment and effort will be damaged.

Step 1 – Image selection

As the first step, you have to select the image of your preferred characters (villagers). You can also make a batch where you will have a couple of images together. Experts recommend setting a batch of 10 images of your favorite characters (villagers). However, it may take a bit of time for completing the matter.

Step 2 – Apply Photoshop skills

Now, you have to apply some Photoshop skills. You are to save the images with transparent background

To do this, launch the Photoshop software. Open the image in Photoshop. Make sure you select the right image of the villager. Select the eraser tool. Erase everything but keep the head untouched.

It means that you will need to remove everything in the photo. But you have to keep the head of the villager in the right position.

Now, make the image a high-contrast image. You can check some tutorials from youtube to perform this particular job. Also, you must remove the background. There should be no background on the photos. Then, save it to any convenient folder.

Step 3 – Use Illustrator

Once you complete the Photoshop task, you are to use Illustrator. Launch the software. Then, open the high-contrast file into Illustrator. Trace the image. It will make the vector shape.

Then, use the advanced settings. It will make a few color layers. It is imperative to remain in low detail to the character. When the image looks good, click on the expand option. Next, refine the Illustrator file.

However, you need to ensure that the character is simple but looks crispy. Another task is there. You need to combine the shapes. Use the pathfinder for this purpose. But remember, you cannot combine all the shapes. You can do it with only the shapes that could be combined in Illustrator.

Moreover, you should have a single layer. But to some points, you can an additional layer. It is applicable when the characters are complicated.

Step 4 – 3D modeling

Now, you have to move for the 3D modeling. You can use any convenient software for this purpose. But make sure you know the use of the software. Do not make things complicated.

For the 3D modeling, you can take a template of a coin. Also, you can use any existing file for the same purpose.

Once you select the template, import the character that you saved as SVG. Tweak the face of the character, make it a bit smaller. Next, replace the name of the character. Also, you have to change the number of the character with the one you have on your amiibo card.

After completing all these processes, you need to export the file as STL.

Step 5 – Slicing the STL

After making STL, you need to use slicing software. You can get any of the free software available on the internet. Use them to slice the picture. Remember to get the best quality. Then load them on the 3D printer.

To get the prints, you have to wait around three hours.

Step 6 – Setting up

By this time, you have to make all the additional things ready. Ensure that you have the NTAG stickers. Make them ready beforehand. Also, get permission from your mobile phone set to install the apps from unknown sources.

Open Tagmo on your phone and launch it. Import the necessary files and enable Amiibo file browsing. Then locate the amiibos files and folder in the load tag option. Next, select the amiibo you want to make, and load that tag.

Step 7 – Write the tag

You are almost done. You have to label the NTAG and then have to write it. Please be noted that you can write the tag only for a single time. Now, position the NTAG to your device and write the tag. After the writing, label it with a sticker. The labeling will help to be specific in the future.

After the printing, you need to assemble the ring of the coin with the character. And place the NTAG in the center of the ring.

Your coin is complete and you can use it with any device that is compatible.

How to Make Amiibo Cards iPhone?

If you want, you can make Amiibo cards on your iPhone. The process is simple. But you will need a couple of items. They are:

  • An iPhone (NFC enabled)
  • Blank NFC tags
  • App to write NFC

Earlier, it was not possible for iPhones to comply NFC. But with time and demands, the manufacturer has started using the features. Gradually, NFC is being added to iPhones. So, it would be better if you get the latest iPhone for this purpose.

The process

In order to make amiibo cards on your iPhone, you have to follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Get blank NFC tags

The first step is to get the blank NFC tags. When you have a tag, make sure it is blank. At times, they are locked. And you cannot rewrite on a locked tag.

Step 2 – Install the app

Now, you have to install the NFC tag writing application on your phone. You can get several tag writing apps. Install one of those that are compatible with your phone. Next, write the tag. Get a “New” option and start writing.

You will get several options to write tags. Then, select Link option so that you can enter a URL in that position. Make sure you write the proper URL name or address in the data field.

After this part, you have to click on the “Save & Write” option. Once you save it, you have to tap on the blank NFC tag. You have to do it in the way that you were to read it. This process will write the URL on the NFC tag – that you have been trying to do for the past few moments.

How to Make Amiibo Cards Animal Crossing?      

At times, you may need to make your personalized cards. Because the companies never release the complete edition. They release a limited edition and make the users wait for a long time. But that is not possible for hard-core gamers in the present day.

Further, you may have to get them from a reseller. And of course, with a high price. It is intolerable when you do not get amiibo cards the moment you need them. So, the best way is to make them.

The steps to make it happen

So far, you have got some in-depth ideas on amiibos. So, let’s get this a bit shorter.

To make amiibo cards, you will need a couple of elements. They include NFC chip-enabled phones. And an app to write the NFC tags.

The next step is to process the animals. You need to get some stickers. Buying the stickers is the best solution. However, you need to check the stickers that they will not create any issues.

Put the stickers to a suitable location on your phone. It will help you to get the stickers whenever you need them.

Launch the app. Then load the .BIN file. It will help you create the amiboo whatever you need.

Writing a tag is simple. You need to tap a button. And hold the blank NFC tags. Make sure your device can properly read the blank NFC tag.

Import the animal characters you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TagMo Amiibo?       

Well. Tagmo and Amiibo are two different things. Let me explain them in brief.

Tagmo – often written as TagMo, it is an application for the android operating systems. It clones Amiibos through a blank NTAG215.

The job of this app is to write into the NTAG215 NFC. But despite being a cheating process, the device would be unable to check if the tags are illegal. Moreover, the users will get similar functionality from the tags.

However, Tagmo is unable to support all types of figures. And you can use the only NTAG215 for the cloning. It will not support NTAG216 or NTAG213.

Amiibo – they are small files and used to play games or participate in tournaments. In a nutshell, they are chips. The chips are stored in a plastic figure. The chip is knowns as NTAG215 chip. And contains the amiibo [or the character].

But the other interesting fact is that amiiboos bring toys to life. Your toys will interact like living creatures in the gaming environment. That is the most exciting part of the game.

Is TagMo safe?

Of course, Tagmo is safe. People around the world have long been using this app. But there were no issues found at all. There are no complaints against Tagmo.

Further, it is easy to use and needs no security permission. Being a lightweight app, it consumes less space on the phone. Therefore, a large number of people are using this app.

How do you use Amiibo with TagMo?        

Using Amiibo with Tagmo is not a big deal. The first thing is that you have to install Tagmo. Then, you are to launch the application. After launching, go to the settings menu. There you will find several options. Press on the Load keys and load the secret files.

The files will be added to your Tagmo. After this step, you can scan amiibo and use them as and when needed.

How do you make an NFC Amiibo?   

You can make your very special NFC Amiibos. But for this, you will need a couple of elements. They are – an android phone enabled with NFC, NFC NTAG215 stickers, and the Tagmo app.

The process is simple. And you can check it in the upper section of this article.

How do I use NFC Amiibo?

In order to use NFC Amiibo, you need to execute the following steps.

  • Get your console system updated
  • Start playing any game that is compatible to amiibo
  • Follow the instructions on the game
  • Touch on the Amiibo. You need to touch it on the NFC touchpoint.
  • Start using the Amiibos.

Can you fake Amiibo cards? 

Honestly, it is hard to find the real Amiibo cards for playing Nintendo games. First of all, they are pricey and not available when you need them. But they are crucial as well. Therefore, the fans are producing the cards at home. And this is not illegal too. But you need to follow certain and standard procedures to make the cards.

So, you need to fake the amiibo cards.

The process is as below.

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled android phone
  • NFC tag
  • Tagmo app

With the combination of the three elements, you can fake an amiibo card.

Can I use my phone as an Amiibo?

No, you cannot use your phone as an Amiibo. This is a tiny chip inside a ring. So, your phone cannot be used as an Amiibo. Instead, you can use your phone to make amiibo cards. You can have plenty of answers and questions regarding the making of a homemade amiibo in this post.

Can I use my Android phone as an Amiibo?           

The answer is the same as the previous question. No matter what phone you use. You cannot use the phone as your amiibo. Instead, you can use the phone to create the characters. The process is simpler as well. You will need an android phone, an NFC tag, and the Tagmo app.

Based on all these three elements, you can make your amiibo.

Can you use NFC on your phone for Amiibo?         

Yes, you can use NFC on your phone for creating amiibos. However, there are specific conditions. Your phone needs to be enabled to NFC. Otherwise, you cannot use the phone to recreate the amiibos.

Last words

When you do not have the access to the amiibos, or need to spend a smart amount of dollars, it is better to take them home. So, now you are aware of the Tagmo and Amiibos. Both the issues were difficult to cover at the same time. But for my readers, I have done it. And hopefully, this would be a great post for them.

Being a tricky issue, there are fewer resources in the market. So, the gamers, especially the Nintendo users will be highly grateful for this post. They would be able to make their respective amiibos and get engaged in the games.

Happy gaming!!!