How to Make Backup Copies Of Amiibo Using NFC (Android or PC)

Nintendo is one of the leading gaming sources for gamers globally. There are lots of exciting games and you can enjoy them.

But you know, you cannot have all the accessories right the moment you need those. It is a bit troublesome for gamers. When you do not have the accessory, you miss the bonuses. So, this is frustrating for gamers around the world.

Interestingly, you can keep the backup of the Amiibo figures. Also, you can clone them in your preferred format.

This post is about having backup copies of your Amiibos on your device and in a computer. I will discuss both ways. Let’s walk with the android first. Check the steps below to know more.

Things you will need

  • NFC-enabled Android device
  • Necessary files
  • Tagmo software

Step 1

As the first step, you are to get a mobile phone (with an android operating system). The phone should be able to comply with NFC. The NFC will read and backup the data for Amiibos.

In the second part of the first step, you are to get two files. The files are unfixed-info.bin and locked-secret.bin. The files can decrypt Amiibo data. So, you must obtain them.

Step 2

Launch Tagmo on your phone. However, you may need to download the app first. But you cannot have it on the Google Play Store. You have to download it from GitHub. Not to worry. The downloading process is simple.

After launching the Tagmo app, go to Settings. From Settings, you have to go to the Import Key section. The section is on the top of the menu. Select the folder where you stored the earlier files. This process will start the backing up process of Amiibo.

Step 3

Now, you are in the final stage. Select the “Scan Tag” option. Hold your phone close to the Amiibo base so that the NFC reader can read the data. After completing the scan, you will see the information on the top of the screen.

Then, tap the “Save Tag” option. It will back up the Amiibo data. The data will be stored on your phone and ready to copy.

You can use a similar method for copying data to your iPhone.

Instructions for PC

The process of backing up Amiibos on PC is a bit complex. In fact, backing up on a mobile phone is easier than a computer. However, for your convenience, the process is explained here, in brief.

Step 1

First of all, you need to download USB drivers for the backup. You can get the drivers from here: Then, download the driver and install it for your PC.

Remember, you will get two options – for your Windows operating system, and for your Mac. So, you need to download the drivers according to your operating system.

Step 2

Now, you have to connect the N2 Elite USB reader. Connect it with your computer. Make sure you use the N2 Elite USB reader. Otherwise, you may not be able to have the backup.

Next, place your Amiibo on the reader. Press the connect option. You can see a message like that Amiibo tag has been found. After getting the message, you have to hit on the Dump Amiibo option. You will get a dialogue box asking for your data as a .bin file. Save it on any convenient place of your computer as you will need it a few moments later.

Step 3

In the third step, you have to disconnect the USB reader and unmount the Amiibo. Now, place the N2 elite chip on that. Connect the reader again. After the connection, there would be slots on the screen to keep the Amiibos as backup.

Usually, up to 10 slots are enabled by default. But you can change the settings. To do this, you have to press the “Set Bankcount.” There, you can set the number of Amiibos you want to keep backup. The maximum limit of backup is up to 200. But it is wise to set the number as per your needs.

Step 4

Having a double click on the bank grid will ask you to upload the saved .bin files. You have to navigate where you have stored the files. The backup will be uploaded into that specific slot.

Your backup is done.

Why you need backup of amiibos?

This is a common question from gamers around the world. Why you need the backup? In fact, there are several reasons behind the backup process. The first thing is that the backup will help you continue the game. At times, you may not have the Amiibos around. And getting the Amiibo will cost you money and time.

But your time in the game is limited. You are racing against time. So, if you have a backup with you, you instantly can use the Amiibos.

The second fact is that you will remain free of worries. Your Amiibos tags may be lost. Or you may not find them in the right place where you stored them before. And you may immediately need the Amiibos to continue the game. Or get some bonus points.

The backup will be of great help at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes to have the backup?

Usually, it may take not more than five to ten minutes. But if you are a beginner, it may take a bit more time.

Are there any disadvantages of such backups?

The answer is a big “NO.” There are no disadvantages to such backups. Instead, you will enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Can I have the backup on my iPhone 6S?

Sorry. You cannot have the backup on iPhone 6S. Earlier, it was not possible to use iPhone for such purposes. But now, the phone manufacturer Apple has taken some steps to comply with NFCs. If you have the latest iPhone or at least iPhone 7, you have it.

Last words

Now, you are aware of the facts. I hope, this article will inject some ideas into your existing one. The sole aim of the post is to make you aware of the issues. Also, the points will help to improve your gaming experience.

In the end, you could be a successful gamer. And can overcome the obstacles around in the virtual world.

Happy gaming!!