TagMo Apk Free Download For PC (Windows 7/8/10)

TagMo Apk free download For PC (Windows 7/8/10)

So, you are a gamer, right? Especially love to play Nintendo games.

Well. That is a common feature between you and me. I am also a gaming fan, particularly Nintendo. But I have witnessed several issues while playing it.

The key issue was about getting the amiibos. First of all, you cannot have the amiibos on the right time. Besides, there are certain other facts to consider before getting them.

However, this post is about downloading Tagmo Apk in your computer. Let’s check the way here. And then, we will discuss the amiibos issues.

How to download Tagmo apk for windows?

To download Tagmo for your computer, you need to download the Emulator first. Then, you will get a link. You need to download the Tagmo from that link.

Next, install it on the computer. Launch the app, and perform the other procedures.


You know, Tagmo is basically an app for mobile phone. Especially for the android operating system. So, it is a bit challenging to install the app on other modes.

In fact, you easily cannot install the app to any other platform. Only android is used to with this app. So, when you want to install the app in desktop, you may face some challenges. The challenges include – not finding the way to install, malfunction and more.

What this app does?  

Tagmo is the app that clones amiibos. Using the NTAG215, the app clones the amiibos that you can use in Nintendo games.

The app is not available in the google play store. Instead, you need to download the .apk file and install that using an installer.

Next, you have to write the tags using a blank NFC card. Once the writing is complete, you can use the tags to get amiibos.

Though cloning the amiibos is not ethical, people in the present days are cloning them. When they need the amiibos, they do not get it. Besides, they have to spend a smart amount of dollars for the plastic chips.

But it is better to clone the figures and continue playing.

Any other issues after cloning?

So far, there had been no issues found after cloning the amiibos. The gamers have been using the clones for a long time. The amiibos paly smooth role like the real amiibos.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use the clone amiibos in my Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can use the clone amiibos in your Nintendo Switch. But you need to remember the compliance issues. The clones are not compatible to all devices.

How long it takes to write the tags?

It takes only a couple of minutes to write the tags. But before that, you have to take the necessary preparations. You must download the Tagmo app and your android phone should have NFC enabled.

What is Nintendo Switch?

Well. This is a gaming console manufactured by Nintendo. It has several features. And now, the console has won millions of hearts globally.