How to Write An URL On Your NFC Chip With Your iPhone- Quick Hacks For Beginners.

How to Write An URL On Your NFC Chip With Your iPhone- Quick Hacks For Beginners.

So, you are an iPhone user alongside playing Nintendo, right?

And you want to write an URL on your NFC chip. Using an iPhone, this is possible now. But if it were a couple of years ago, I would have discouraged you. iPhone was not able to comply with the NFC chips.

The compliance was the matter of android platforms. Only the android devices were able to write the URL. With time, everything has changed. Apple has also brought changes in the system.

In this post, you will get an in-depth idea to write URL on your iPhone using an NFC chip. Also, you will get some other essential information. Let’s start.

What is iPhone?

The question may sound weird. But you must know the answer. An iPhone is a smartphone designed and manufactured by Apple. You can perform a good number of activities using the phone alongside making phone calls.

But the operating system of the device is a bit special. You cannot use the usual applications in this device. In fact, it has its very own programs and almost similar with the ones available on Google Play Store.

However, the phone was unable to comply with NFC chip. Earlier, the phones were unable to write on the NFC chip that you can use in Nintendo games.

The scenarios have changed this time. The iPhones (starting from iPhone model 7) can write on the NFC chip.

How to write an URL on your NFC chip with your iPhone?    

To write URL on an iPhone, you will need the following items.

  • An iPhone enabled for NFC
  • NFC tag chip
  • NFC writer app

The process

Not to worry. The entire process is simple. For your convenience, check the steps below.

Step 1

To perform the process, you have start by downloading the NFC writer app. If you are using iPhone model 7 or over, you can easily download the app. Remember, the app is not compatible with the lower version of iPhones.

Then get a standard NDEF formatted tag for this purpose.

Step 2

Launch the writer app on your phone. Then, place the tag under the scanner of your iPhone. The URL will be created. Now, you have to save it on the dataset of your app.

Step 3

Tap your phone to the tag. The tag writer app will show that the write has successfully been done. Now, you have to validate the URL that you wrote.

To do this, tap the tag with the NFC app. The NFC will show the URL on the screen of your phone.

You are done.

So, now you know how to write an URL on your iPhone. When you are using the old device, you may need to download some other apps to read the URL. But with the latest iPhones like XR or Xs, you can read or update the URL.

Happy writing!